We are proud of the dedicated and talented teachers, staff and specialists that represent the Bishop School.

Below please find a contact list of Kindergarten through Fifth Grade teachers and staff / specialists in the fields of Nursing, Physical Education, Learning, Reading, Library, Art, Music, Team Leadership, and Custodial work. Many of the teachers below have included their bios as well as a class website.

You are welcome to contact the individuals below with questions regarding your child or the school.

Mark McAneny, Principal

Principal’s bio >
Email: mmcaneny@arlington.k12.ma.us
Ph: (781) 316-3792

Eva Liner, Assistant Principal

Email: eliner@arlington.k12.ma.us
Ph: (781) 316-3297

Ms. Yvonne Gonsalves, Secretary
Email: ygonsalves@arlington.k12.ma.us
Ph: (781) 316-3790
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Supplies, Bios,
Class websites & Forms
Kindergarten Teachers Kindergarten – Supply List
Sharon McLaughlin (781) 316-3795 x 2742
Angela Morais Teacher’s Bio (781) 316-3795 x 2741
Jennifer Spencer (781) 316-3795 x 2740
Kindergarten Teacher Assistants
Angela HodgdonTeacher Asst.
Kathy RocheTeacher Asst.
Michelle Messuri, Teacher Asst.
Seana Barrett, Teacher Asst.
Joanna Lee, Teacher Asst.
1st Grade Teachers 1st Grade – Supply List
Lynne Aftuck (781) 316-3795 x 2743
Elizabeth Higgins (781) 316-3795 x 2766
Jennifer Murphy Class website (781) 316-3795 x 2744
Tiffany Shaheen
2nd Grade Teachers 2nd Grade – Supply List
Susan Ferguson Class website (781) 316-3795 x 2748
Justine Viveiros Class website

Teacher’s Bio

(781) 316-3795 x 2747
Dorothy Schuette Class website (781) 316-3795 x 2746
3rd Grade Teachers 3rd Grade – Supply List
Geraldine Holden (781) 316-3795 x 2751
Caroline Thom (781) 316-3795 x 2749
Christine Capaldo  Class website  (781) 316-3795 x 2750
Jeanne Wall, Teacher Asst.
4th Grade Teachers 4th Grade – Supply List
Annette Brubaker Teacher’s Bio

Teacher’s Website

(781) 316-3795 x 2768
Jocelyn Allan Teacher’s Bio

Teacher’s Website

(781) 316-3795 x 2760
Beth Defossez Teacher’s Website (781) 316-3795 x 2754
5th Grade Teachers
Anne Hess-Mahan Teacher’s Bio

Class website

(781) 316-3795 x 2757
Rebecca Bell Teacher’s Bio

Class website

(781) 316-3795 x 2756
Alyssa Frank Teacher’s bio 
Class website Instagram
Pam Meppelink
Samantha Kasle, Art
Art Blog (781) 316-3795 x 2755
Computer Lab
(781) 316-3795 x 2763
Steve Adams, Senior Custodian
(781) 316-3797 X 3794
Food Services:
Nairy Kasparian, Food Service
Tatiana Gjiknuri, Food ServiceDonna Garrity, Food ServiceJordan Arnold, Food ServiceKatherine Kriketos, Lunch Recess Monitor
Joanne Pijoan, Lunch Recess Monitor
Bob Smith, Lunch Recess Monitor
(781) 316-3746
Learning Center:
Marion NolanSpecial Education Team ChairPam Reinstein, Special Education Liaison
Elizabeth Strods, Special Education/Learning Center Specialist 
Monica Stowell, Special Education/Learning Center Specialist Ms. Carolyn GaffeyElementary Math Coach
Katie DevineL/C Asst. Teacher
Amber DempseyL/C Asst. Teacher
Anna AndersonL/C Asst. Teacher
Kaleigh TomaszewskiL/C Asst. TeacherJulie Geanakakis, L/C Asst. Teacher
Alli Damico, Building Sub
Ms. Stowell’s Bio Ms. Nolan (781) 316-3796/(781) 316-3799
Justine Bloch, Library Coordinator
Alison Vaishnaw, Library Coordinator
Ms. Bloch’s Bio

Library website

(781) 316-3795 x 2771
Tonika ClaiborneMETCO Elementary Social Worker
(781) 316-1491 x2771
Lynn Rubin, Music Teacher
Jing-Huey WeiInstrumental Music Teacher
Paula DemertrioInstrumental Music Teacher
Music Registration Form

Promissory Note

Katie MartinNurse
(781) 316-3797
Occupational & Physical Therapists:
Emily SnellOccupational Therapist
Kristen Joyce, Physical Therapist
(781) 316-3795 x 2771
Physical Education:
Jeannette Christensen, PE Teacher
Andrew ScopaPE Teacher
Mr. Scopa’s Bio (781) 316-3795 x 2773
Reading & Language Teachers/Coaches:
Gabrielle AmbrosinoSLP
Beth FlynnReading Teacher
Isabel Ferreira, English Language Learner
Reading website Ms. Flynn  (781) 317-3798
Social Work, Psychology:
Lauren Mahoney, School Psychologist
Beth Laiosa, Behavioral Specialist (BSP)
Cheryl Goff, BCBA District
Carolyn St. Laurence, Adjustment Counselor
Manny Morais, Student Support BSP
Natacha Auguste, Student Support Aide
Ms. St. Laurence, (781) 316-3795 x 3789
Fran McDonald, Traffic Supervisor

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