We are proud of the dedicated and talented teachers, staff and specialists that represent the Bishop School.

Below please find a contact list of Kindergarten through Fifth Grade teachers and staff / specialists in the fields of Nursing, Physical Education, Learning, Reading, Library, Art, Music, Team Leadership, and Custodial work. Many of the teachers below have included their bios as well as a class website.

You are welcome to contact the individuals below with questions regarding your child or the school.

Mark McAneny, Principal

Principal’s bio >
Email: mmcaneny@arlington.k12.ma.us
Ph: (781) 316-3792

Eva Liner, Assistant Principal

Email: eliner@arlington.k12.ma.us
Ph: (781) 316-3297

Ms. Yvonne Gonsalves, Secretary
Email: ygonsalves@arlington.k12.ma.us
Ph: (781) 316-3790
(Click on name for email)
Supplies, Bios,
Class websites & Forms
Kindergarten Teachers
Sharon McLaughlin (781) 316-3795 x 2742
Angela Morais Teacher’s Bio (781) 316-3795 x 2741
Jennifer Spencer (781) 316-3795 x 2740
Kindergarten Teacher Assistants
Seana Barrett, Teacher Asst.
Kathy RocheTeacher Asst.
1st Grade Teachers
Lynne Aftuck (781) 316-3795 x 2743
Jennifer Murphy (781) 316-3795 x 2744
Tiffany Shaheen
2nd Grade Teachers Class website
Susan Ferguson (781) 316-3795 x 2748
Elizabeth Higgins
Justine Viveiros Teacher’s Bio (781) 316-3795 x 2747
Dorothy Schuette (781) 316-3795 x 2746
3rd Grade Teachers
Christine Capaldo Class website (781) 316-3795 x 2750
Geraldine Holden (781) 316-3795 x 2751
Caroline Thom (781) 316-3795 x 2749
4th Grade Teachers
Annette Brubaker Teacher’s Bio

Teacher’s Website

(781) 316-3795 x 2768
Beth Defossez Teacher’s Website (781) 316-3795 x 2754
Pam Meppelink (781) 316-3795 x 2760
5th Grade Teachers
Rebecca Bell Teacher’s Bio

Class website

(781) 316-3795 x 2756
Alyssa Frank Teacher’s bio 
Class website Instagram
Anne Hess-Mahan Teacher’s Bio

Class website

(781) 316-3795 x 2757
Samantha Kasle, Art
Art Blog (781) 316-3795 x 2755

  • Ken Riggle, Senior Custodian
  • Jack Babbin, Junior Custodian
(781) 316-3797 X 3794
Food Services:

  • Tatiana Gjiknuri, Food Service
  • Donna Garrity, Food Service  
  • Katherine Kriketos, Lunch Recess Monitor
  • Joanne Pijoan, Lunch Recess Monitor
(781) 316-3746
Learning Center:

Ms. Nolan (781) 316-3796/(781) 316-3799
Justine Bloch, Library Coordinator
Alison Vaishnaw, Library Coordinator
Ms. Bloch’s Bio

Library website

(781) 316-3795 x 2771
Tonika ClaiborneMETCO Elementary Social Worker
(781) 316-1491 x2771
Lynn Rubin, Music Teacher
Jing-Huey WeiInstrumental Music Teacher
Paula DemertrioInstrumental Music Teacher
Music Registration Form

Promissory Note

Katie MartinNurse
(781) 316-3797
Occupational & Physical Therapists:
Emily SnellOccupational Therapist
Kristen Joyce, Physical Therapist
(781) 316-3795 x 2771
Physical Education:
Jeannette Christensen, PE Teacher
Andrew ScopaPE Teacher
Mr. Scopa’s Bio (781) 316-3795 x 2773
Reading & Language Teachers/Coaches:

Reading website Ms. Flynn  (781) 317-3798
Social Work, Psychology:
Lauren Mahoney, School Psychologist
Beth Laiosa, Behavioral Specialist (BSP)
Cheryl Goff, BCBA District
Carolyn St. Laurence, Adjustment Counselor
Manny MoraisStudent Support BSP
Ms. St. Laurence, (781) 316-3795 x 3789
Mike Dinucci, Traffic Supervisor

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