News From the Library

The New Book Sale is NEXT WEEK. December 10th-17th!

Please use this link to sign up to help out during the Sale, and to see the time of your child’s library class.

We need more help with a number of K-2 classes, and after school when things can get pretty busy, so please consider combining a little holiday/window shopping with your good deed for the day! We are dependent upon volunteers to make the Sale a success!  

This is a fun event for the students that supports updating and expanding our book collection. During your child’s regular library time, they will be offered the chance to either buy books, or create a wish list to bring home to you to discuss what books they would like to buy. We will also have teacher wish lists so that classrooms can get even more books all while supporting the Library!  There is NO OBLIGATION to purchase and we also ask students to make recommendations of books they would like us to purchase for the Library with the funds raised. Students who make suggestions for Library purchases are entered into a raffle to win a book or other item from the Sale.

The Sale will be open during the day on Monday 10th from 12.00-3:00, Tuesday-Friday from 8:15-3:00 (please note Tuesday is an early release day for conferences but the sale will remain open) and again on Monday 17th from 8:15-10:00. This year we are also opening the Sale during the evening conferences hours on Thursday, December 14th from 6:00-8:00PM!  Please come with (or without!) your children to support the Library! If you do send in money or a check (payable to Bishop PTO) during the week, please make sure that it is in an envelope or Ziplock with your child’s name on it.

Thank you so much for your support!

Alison Vaishnaw and Justine Bloch