Ms. French, Food Services
Ph: 781-316-3746

Ms. McIsaac, Lunch/Recess Monitor, Supervisor
Ph: 781-316-3746

Lunch Menu:
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Letter to APS Families – Free Meals For All Students Fall 2020

Pay for your lunch Online:

Starting June 1, 2011, each child at Bishop will use their student ID number to pay for their lunches. Students need to know their student ID number when order their lunch. If they forget their number, it can be looked up in the system, but it is strongly advised that each student memorize their student ID number. You should have received this number in the mail. Parents are to put money into the student’s account online at: Go to this site and create an account and make your payment(s). You can always check to see how much your child has remaining in the account. There is a $1.75 fee for each transaction on the system. Make your online payment.

Lunch is $3.00. All meals come with milk, fruit, bread and veggie. There are meatless meal options. Milk can be purchased separately for $.60.

Lunch/Recess Times:
11:00-11:30 am – Lunch/Recess Grade K
11:20-11:50 am -Lunch/Recess Grade 1
11:40-12:10 pm – Lunch/Recess Grade 2
11:55-12:25 pm – Lunch/Recess Grade 3
12:15-12:45 pm – Lunch/Recess Grade 4
12:30-1:00 pm – Lunch/Recess Grade 5 (3)
12:50-1:20 pm – Lunch/Recess Grade 5 (2)