Principal’s Welcome

Whether you have recently moved to Arlington or you are beginning your elementary school career, I am excited that you have chosen to join the Bishop community!

Since I started working at Bishop in 2011, I have been amazed by the ongoing enthusiasm, commitment, and support from the entire community – students, teachers and parents. Each day, Bishop students demonstrate our school’s three core values – respect, regard and responsibility – in everything that they do. I am extremely proud of my staff of dedicated teachers who work tirelessly to give your children a fun, safe, and nurturing learning environment. We also have a very active parent base that not only raises money for school enrichment programs, but also supports our teachers, and organizes activities that help build a stronger community.

You will receive a letter from me in late July/early August with your child’s classroom assignment. Sometime in August, you will receive communication directly from your child’s teacher regarding what to expect in the coming year and what school supplies are needed. In the meantime, you should receive updates via email from the PowerSchool Portal.  This is the primary way we share information.

I look forward to seeing you in the fall!!


Mark McAneny
Bishop School Principal

Important Information

We know that you probably have lots of questions. Our hope is that the information on this site will help you better understand what to expect and who to contact if you need assistance.

Checklist to stay informed:

  1. You will automatically be signed up for emails thru the PowerSchool Portal.  Make sure your information is correct.
  2. Read the Frequently Asked Questions for New Families
  3. Connect with a Bishop Ambassador:

Bishop Ambassadors are Bishop parents that reach out to new Bishop families and welcome them to our community. Ambassadors typically contact new families via email or phone in July/August. Connecting with an existing Bishop family helps new families answer questions, meet kids before school, and helps to get acclimated to Arlington and/or Bishop. If, by mid-August you are new to Bishop and have not yet been contacted by a Bishop Ambassador, contact the coordinators- Amy Moyer or Jill Fekete.

4. Attend AFC Kindergarten Connections (summer gatherings for incoming Kindergartners) and If you are on Facebook, join the corresponding page for your child’s grade to connect with other parents- search Bishop and year.

5. Bishop Bus Information (if you live on the south side of Mass. Ave.)

6. After school care information

What to Expect over the Summer

  • June – if you have an incoming Kindergartener, look for summer ‘Kindergarten Connection’ gatherings organized by Arlington Family Connection. Dates are listed on their Web site.

  • Early/mid August – you should receive a letter from Bishop informing you which teacher your child will have. If you are on the Bishop Bus route, you should receive information about the program. If you have not yet received a letter about the bus, contact the school transportation department.

  • Mid-late August – you should receive a letter from your child’s teacher with a list of classroom supplies.

  • First Day of School – Kindergarten: Open house is on September 4th; September 5th and 6th are staggered with 1/2 the class attending and and 7th is the full class; Grades 1-5th: September 4th is the first day of school in 2018.